POORE'S PICKS: Week Thirteen

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Jim Poore is back with his weekly picks against the spread. Check out who Jim predicts in his Game of the Week.

   Week 13 is upon us, and it is amazing how fast the season flies. It seems like just yesterday the Seattle Seahawks were upsetting the Green Bay Packers, and the referees were from the local Pop Warner teams. The Philadelphia Eagles have had an absolutely dreadful season, and the New York Jets can't be too far behind in that category. The Indianapolis Colts have had a dream season, and right now they are in the playoffs. Andrew Luck has been all that was advertised. The Houston Texans are also having a great season, but, barring the previously mentioned Colts, they play in a terrible division. The Patriots once again are playing well, and they will be a tough out once the post season begins.

   The NFC's biggest surprise could be the Atlanta Falcons. Many had high expectations for this team, but one loss at this stage of the season wasn't expected. The New York Giants are dominant at times, but tend to play to their opponents level. Like New England though, the playoffs is when they shine. The Chicago Bears got off to a great start, and one of their division opponents to the north, Detroit, can never seem to get it's act together. There are five weeks left until the playoffs, and this week is just as important as any. Let's get started.
As always, home team in CAPS.
ATLANTA  3 1/2  New Orleans
This would be the Game of the Week if it was on Sunday. The Falcons only loss of the year came at the hands of the Saints, and I don't see the Falcons losing to them again. The Saints didn't look good last week, and Atlanta could be in great shape if they get the home field throughout the playoffs. I think Atlanta gets it done.
Falcons  24-20
Buffalo  5 1/2  Jacksonville
I am fairly certain not that many people care about this one.
Bills 27-16
San Francisco  7  St. Louis
The 49ers are suddenly the talk of the NFL, and the quarterback debate between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick rages on. Sounds like Bledsoe-Brady from year's past. It won't really matter for this game. The Rams are game, but the 49ers have the hot hand right now.
49ers  30-21
New England  7  Miami
I have a feeling this game will be closer than some think. The Patriots sometimes have trouble with the Dolphins, but New England right now is playing about as well as anybody. Miami has been no pushover this year, but I think they will get pushed around just enough this week for the Patriots to cover the poins.
Patriots 29-17
CHICAGO  4  Seattle
This is actually a pretty big game in the NFC. I keep waiting for the Seahawks to fall apart, but they haven't yet, even though they lost last week. The Bears haven't been great, but their defense could make them a tough out in the NFC postseason. The Bears should take care of things, but this is the NFL after all.
Bears  17-10
Houston  6  Tennessee
The Texans are bearing down on the number one seed in the AFC, but they need to get their defense squared away before the playoffs start. I have a feeling they are going to struggle again here. They are due for a blow out, but the Titans tend to give them fits. I think Tennessee will cover.
Texans  26-23
Denver 7  Tampa Bay
The Broncos are cruising in the AFC West, but that isn't saying much. They do look good, and he Bucs mini streak was snapped last week. The Broncos will be in the playoffs and fighting for a top seed, but I think the Bucs last chance was last week. I like Denver at home.
Broncos  31-21
NEW YORK JETS  4 1/2  Arizona
J-E-T-S Jets.....wait we can't say that anymore. The Jets season absolutely cannot end soon enough. It will be interesting to see what happens in the offseason. The Cardinals totally fell apart. The Jets can't possibly be as bad as they were Thursday. They are still bad, but the Cardinals aren't much better. A Jets win MIGHT calm the masses. Temporarily.
Jets  23-17
Carolina  3  Kansas CITY
I don't see any reason at all to go with the Chiefs.
Panthers  20-16
Cincinnati  2 1/2  SAN DIEGO
The Bengals are looking at a playoff berth, and the Chargers stink. If Norv Turner is still the Head Coach next year, then there is something seriously wrong with the NFL.
Bengals 30-24
DALLAS  8 1/2  Philadelphia
Yawn. Both of these teams need major upgrades in the offseason, especially in Philadelphia. Say goodbye to Andy Reid.
Cowboys  30-20
DETROIT  5  Indianapolis
The Lions just can't seem to get it together, especially their Head Coach. The Colts magical season is because of guts and emotion, but sometimes those qualities win in the NFL. It won't give the Colts a win here but it will be enough to keep it close.
Lions  27-23
GREEN BAY  7 1/2  Minnesota
Don't count the Packers out yet. They are still very good, and can beat anybody on any given day ( I think we have heard that before ). The Vikings were done a couple of weeks ago, and I don't seem them giving much of a match up here.
Packers  34-20
New York Giants  3  Washington
The Redskins are in the playoff chase in the NFC as hard as that is to believe. They won't get in, but they will be pests for anybody that plays them. The Giants November swoon could be over, and if it is that could be a very dangerous thing for the NFC. The Giants should be able to win here.
Giants  28-24

Game of the Week

BALTIMORE  3 1/2  Pittsburgh
This isn't the matchup it might normally be, but there were not a lot of big games this week. This is a huge game for the Steelers, because a loss might mean no trip to the post season. They are decimated with injuries though, and with the Ravens being at home, I don't think they can take out Baltimore.
Ravens  21-13

Stinker of the Week

OAKLAND  2  Cleveland
Look at the two teams and it should be pretty obvious why it is the Stinker. The Browns though, to their credit have played hard, so I will pick them here.
Browns  27-26
Record For Week 12: 7-9 ( 8-8 without the spread )
Record Through Week 12: 75-87-3 ( 93-72 without the spread )
Game of Week Record: 6-6
Stinker of Week Record: 4-8

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